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Support Eddie

At present Eddie is Open Source, User Supported software. In the near future we are hoping that we will be able to announce commercial support for Eddie. Until then the following is available:

Mailing Lists

There are currently two mailing-lists available.

[email protected]
A moderated list used to inform about new releases.
[email protected]
A list used by developers.
Send an email to [email protected] with "subscribe announce" and/or "subscribe talk" in the body. These mailing lists are archived.

Problem Reports

The Eddie Team uses GNATS to receive and track problem reports. If you've found a problem with Eddie then we want to know about it! But first check it hasn't been already reported . If you can't find it in our problem database then please take the time to fill out a problem report.

Core Team

The Core Team can be contacted by mailing [email protected]. We request that you mail the mailing lists and check the mail archives before mailing the Core team.